Strategy consulting - Research services

Development Horizons Foundation contributes to structure sustainable development policy directions and offer assistance and recommendation to development policy implementation.

Our foundation works in cooperation with organizations in 3 countries outside of Mongolia
in Africa, and North East Asia

What we do

Since 1997, Development Horizons Foundation has been instrumental in the processes of development policy planning and actions both at the local and national levels from participatory and inclusive perspectives.

National and Local Level Initiatives

We cultivate gender sensitive policy planning, inclusive of all age groups for national and local level projects and strategies. We support all types of initiatives directed at supporting local level enthusiasm for participatory processes. We form local, national, and international partnerships and cooperations concerning sustainable development, and gender equality.

Policy Planning and Recommendation

We derive best path forward for equitable and sustainable development concept combining environmental, economic, and social components of development in Mongolia. We develop and improve on the national level gender sensitive policy planning, strategy and implementation accordant to the need and demand of women and men of all age groups.

Our clients

Our partner organizations include government, corporations, non-governmental organizations, major international and regional aid institutions.