Our Response Activities

By responding to the spread of coronavirus pandemic Covid-19 throughout the world, the Government of Mongolia placed strict measures to stop transmissions of virus. This year is mainly characterized by delaying and/or freezing of social and overall activities throughout Mongolia. It is believed that in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, this year we achieved significant results. We’ve raised fund for the food and hot meals delivery campaigns three times in support of vulnerable households through our field branch of the Tolgoit Community Development Center (TCDC) and the results were reported duly. These food and hot meals delivery campaigns reached households and individuals most in need, many of whom were children.

In time of Covid-19, three humanitarian assistance campaigns were conducted through the TCDC as follows:

Cooperation and Partnership

Within the framework of its cooperation and partnership framework, the DHF has been pursuing an open policy with interested partners and stakeholders, civil society institutions, duty bearers, researchers and individuals in the areas of promoting inclusive local development, gender equality and women’s empowerment, environment at the national and international levels. By combining all the stakeholders’ expertise we are finding and implementing effective Covid-19 responses.